ACCESS Changelog August, 2017

## 0801
- Fix: NSTP report caching
- Update Graduates slideshow to exclude other courses with no grduates
- Fix: Independent includes on crons
- Separate registry classes to its own file
- Fix: table-width for travel request email report

## 0802
- Add Student-Employee tag alignment

## 0803
- Add zero-downpayment tag on students which will automatically confirm the enrollment of the student

## 0807
- Add Zero-downpayment tag on Tuition Payment module
- Zero-downpayment aggregated report

## 0808
- Zero-down or paid-tuition status at the confirmation page

## 0809
- Further verify outstanding balances

## 0810
- Provision for GLAccount code for A/R and revenue
- Add GL Transaction storage and history

## 0814
- Confirm subjects upon payment of add/drop fee
- Compute and post additional charges for requested subjects

## 0815
- Config page for accounting settings
- Manage Course-GL Matrix
- Manage Fees-GL Matrix
- Manage Course-Term-Fees GL Matrix

## 0816
- Add more tagging information on assessment printout
- Disable caching on student schedule
- Re-direct to user registration form after registration when set

## 0820
- Email reminder for unconfirmed classes of respective students
- Email reminder for unconfirmed students of respective teachers
- Cronjob to send GL Transactions to Parfait Accounting System

## 0821
- Set GL for Assessment
- Set GL for Re-assessment
- Set GL for Tuition Payment
- Set GL for Non-Tuition Payment
- Set GL for Discount
- Set GL for Charges
- Set GL for Refunds

## 0822
- Test GL for Assessment
- Test GL for Re-Assessment
- Test GL for Tuition Payment
- Test GL for Non-tuition Payment by student
- Test GL for Non-tuition Payment by non-student
- Test GL for Tuition Discount

## 0823
- Generate GL Trans for StudentLedger entries
- Add Global settings for GL-related configs

## 0824
- Cron for generating GL trans from student ledger
- Parfait server-side API for receiving GL trans
- Cron for forwarding GL trans to Parfait Accounting
- Fix Guidance CGE PDF
- Add Payment history on cashiering module

## 0829
- Add list of unconfirmed students on student account officer
- Add notification on student account officer for students with un-confirmed classes
- Generate GL trans from non-student payment entries
- Set online when idle after 30 seconds
- Add broadcast message on popup

## 0830
- Re-align "Other Income" trans to their departmental/course-level GLs
- Test GL trans forwarding to Parfait Accounting

## 0831
- Generate Revenue matrix report based on GL Trans
September 1, 2017

ACCESS integrates 3rd-party Accounting System

ACCESS partners with System Up Business Solutions for its seasoned ACCESSParfait Accounting System.

For schools wanting a robust and tested in a considerable number of deployments, its integration with the Financial Modules of ACCESS is simply switching the feature on.

For inquiries on the Parfait Accounting System, please visit

August 24, 2017

ACCESS Changelog July, 2017

## 0703
- PDF export of A/R by student ledger history v2
- Aggregate and expand A/R report using the Ledger history v2 report as base
- PDF export of A/R by enrollment v2 using the ledger history v2 report as base
- Add domain restriction provision for users

## 0704
- Display the list of generated OTRs of students with balances
- Check AR by Student Term by every student
- Send URL of the report to display generated OTRs of students with outstanding balances

## 0705
- Deploy Email html template design on all email messages
- Add Clipboard.js plugin
- Easy copy of details on IT device searches

## 0710
- Fix: Guidance CGE registration
- Add: Google Graph API for daily collections report

## 0711
- Add separate domain for business office
- Provision for selective disabling of modules per site
- Add notification for approved course term fees
- Add notification for cancelled payment transaction
- Add Accounting head dashboard
- Add enrollment graph on accounting dashboard
- Add approval links on accounting dashboard
- Add enrollment graph on portal page

## 0712
- Add dean dashboard
- Add enrollment by course graph on dean dashboard
- Add enrollment by year-level on dean dashboard
- Add faculty roster and display schedule on dean dashboard
- Add failing student roster on dean dashboard

## 0713
- Move graphical dashboard as include-able page
- Add XAccess via email shared

## 0717
- Display student ledger by history vs within dates
- Generate balances of graduates

## 0718
- Load and display on scroll or on-demand for not-enrolled students with balances

## 0719
- Provision for Charge Centers
- Manage Charge Centers
- Add Charges
- Fix: mal-encoded feedback details
- Add OTR details if available on not-enrolled students with balances

## 0720
- Bug fixes

## 0724
- Include user-info on Feedback
- Fixes: Student notices table-object reference
- Add: sending message to another system-user on Document Request
- Fix: Inclusion of date as parameter in AR by ledger history v2

## 0725
- Update Security Policy for font-src to iallow data: sources
- Fix XAccess with no user defined
- Minify print.CSS

## 0726
- Auto-confirm enrollment upon payment of tuition fee
- Add date limitation on A/R Summary by enrollment

## 0731
- Re-align "Other" fees on daily cash report
- Provision for "[In]Active" status of student
- Provision for auto-refresh while on idle
August 1, 2017

ACCESS Changelog June, 2017

- Streamline personnel references from configs
- Add aggregated student balances report
- Minor fix: Subject information update

- Structure for walkthroughs and introductions

- School Form 5 report

- Student Tags review
- Zero-downpayment tagging

- Basic Education enrollment by section
- Section Class list report
- Breakdown display of Daily Transaction report

- Highlight Daily Transactions by clicking on summary items
- Revise Roster of payor per fee to include Tuition as filter
- Drag-and-drop class-section management

- Streamline results of the new student-teacher evaluation
- Fix: Copying of course-term fees to/from others
- Fix: File URL
- Fix: XAccess Course Fee Approval
- Update: Align xaccess/ for xaccess.php functions
- Upgrade: moneyFormat() JS
- Add School Form 6 - Summarized Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency

- Fix // on JS
- Fix: Guidance PDF output for MAN

- use JSHrink for js_minify
- use MatthiasMulie's Minify for js_minify
- add User Settings for theme template
- add rot13 on jsurl

- Update: email extraction
- Add: annual departmental travel requests report

- Add: A/R Summary Report by Student Enrollment depending on the A/R report by student ledger history v2
- A/R Report by Student Ledger History v2 PDF export

July 1, 2017

ACCESS Changelog May, 2017

- Aggregate Travel Expense Report

- Add ID obfuscator for Library Resource IDs
- Centralize User Data and Access
- Add missed out home and present address on Student Profile
- Add contact number listing on Student Profile

- Probationary School Form 4
- Adjust Section-Student Relation (with data duplication; for optimization)
- Fetch Advisory Classes
- Display Advisory Class Students
- Add/Remove Section-Students
- DB structure for Subject Material storage
- Fetch Subject Materials

- Garbage collection for uploaded files upon logout
- Wysiwyg Details for subject materials
- multiple upload and storage of subject materials
- Add IntroJS plugin for walkthrough
June 1, 2017

ACCESS Changelog April, 2017

- Add New tool for faculty evaluation by students
- Update WySiWYG editors

- Display roster of Department,Teachers for report on evaluation results
- Display Teacher evaluation results and comments
- Enable/disable display of faculty evaluation results
- Render Evaluation report to PDF

- Update storage and retrieval of Student Picture
- Deploy student information sheet PDF
- Add remarks to student file upload

- Auto-logout if data.logout is set on AJAX calls
- Set default AJAX response type to JSON

- Add Table ID monitoring for inserts
- Attendance management matrix per class

- Add Class Management to Teacher Modules
- Provide optimization option for class roster data
- Revise date generation for schedules to only include specific days

- MiniLibrary: Release resource
May 1, 2017

The journey begins

This marks the start of a journey where ACCESS can be improved and make marks among clients -- our journey of providing solutions.

April 18, 2017

ACCESS Changelog March, 2017

- Add School Form 1 - School Registry for K12 

- Add School Form 2 - Attendance Monitoring Report

- Add Mini Library Circulation System
- Trace and pickup development for Online Document Request

- Fix Scores not appearing on Student view of the Grading Sheet
- Re-setup data storage for document requision

- Fix on Travel: Immediate head == head approval
- Add: FineUploader as plugin for uploading files
- Temp Fix: Compressed display output
- Add: Document Request public form

- End-of-day document request status notification
- Document request Dashboard alpha
- Manage document request credentials management

- Email dean endorsement of request
- Email notification for updates
- Overwrite and log request details
- Manage fees assessment for document request
- XAccess URL for document request review

- Add auto-complete for searches on document request management page
- Send dean for message on document request
- XAccess URL for document request approval by dean
- Lock fees assessment on document requests
- Fix: Travel Request approval by immediate head

- Add easy-feedback module
- Add generation for A/R by ledger date-of-entry

- Add crontab for generating A/R by ledger date-of-entry
- Add crontab for generating A/R by ledger history
- Aggregate A/R by ledger date-of-entry

- Add Cronjob for sending departmental student affairs record

- Provision for student profile update page

- Input all Nationality roster to database

- Add Feedback page accessibility on all templates
- Fix Travel Request starting search record
- Include search for travel requests using purpose or title as criteria
- Revisit Captcha and system-defined simple alternative

April 1, 2017

BIR gives the go signal

Three visitations (without prior guidance) was required to get the Certificate of Registration.

An accountant is sought for the taxes, albeit no books to accomplish just yet.

March 31, 2017

Baguio City issues permit to engage in business

Completing all requirements by the City, the business permit is received.

Coming to this time have been made possible with the following requirement.


Fill up the online application from for the Business Name.

Print the form and bring it to the nearest DTI office within 1-week from filling.


Go to the Barangay Hall of the place where your business will be located and get a Barangay Business Clearance.


At the city's one-stop-shop, the application form is claimed and filled up from the Permits and Licenses booth. It comes with a checklist as guide for the necessary steps.

Location ownership, barangay clearance, fire, sanitary, treasurer, and other clearances were submitted.

The clearance from the Office of the City Treasurer will require visitation which can take more time.

February 24, 2017