Module-centric User Permission

Customizable set of permissions to a wide-range of modules for every user.

The list of module-functions for users:

Basic Teacher Dean, Head, or Officer Accounting Cashier Student Affairs Registrar System Admin
Student Registration
Student Course Evaluation
Subject Enlistment
Enrollment Schedule
Information Management
Student Information
Update Student Registration
Email Student Schedules
Student Central
Student Medical Information
Student Email Roster
Teacher Information
Teacher Registration
Class Load and Schedule
Class Management
Subject Information
Class Schedule Information
Section/Block Schedule Management
Room Management
Curricula Management
Colleges/Department Management
Course Offering Management
Associate English+ Subjects
Trivial Information
Religious Affiliations
Language and Dialects
Jobs and Occupation
Student-Attended Schools
Tags and Citations
Student Grades
Student Checklist
Candidate for Graduation Management
Graduate Verification
Ratings Report
Certification of Grades
Letter to Parents/Guardian
Student Curriulum Evaluation
Teacher Grades
Input Term (Prelim, Midterm, Finals, First Grading, et al) Grades
Input Final Rating
Class Grades Excel Interface
Class Management
Regulatory Reports
Enrolment List
Enrolment List with Grades (Form XIX)
Form IX - Candidate for Graduation
Official Transcript of Records
Failures Report
Teacher-Submitted Grades Report
Failures Report
Academic Achievers Management and Report
NSTP (National Service & Training Program)
NSTP-Subject Association
Graduate Report
Enrollees Report
Semestral Grade Report
Basic Education (K-12)
School Forms
Form 1 - School Register
Form 2 - Daily Attendance Report of Learners
Form 3 - Books Issued and Returned
Form 4 - Mothly Learners' Movement and Attendance
Form 5 - Report on Promotion & Level of Proficiency
Form 6 - Summarized Report on Promotion and Level fo Proficiency
Form 7 - School Personnel Assignment List and Basic Profile
Subject-Grades (Sheet A)
Adviser's Summary of Grades (Sheet B)
Student Rating Report (Sheet C)
Character Development Management
Accounting Settings
Fees Information
Discount Information
Assessment and Account Ledger
Term Assessment
Student Ledger History
Student Balances
Student Assessment Summary
Account Statement
Course-Term Fees
Course-Year-Term Fees
Schedule-specific fees
Tuition Fee Payment
Non-Tuition Fee Payment
Daily Transaction Report
Daily Cash Report
Roster of Payors per Fee
Payment Details
Student Refunds
Charge to Employees
Disbursing and Expenses
A/R Reports
Student A/R Report
Department A/R Report
Scholars Discounts
Long-standing Dues
Revenue Report
Unit Distribution
Course and Year
Student Periodical Balances
Aggregated Student Ledger Report
Ledger discounts for review and alignment
Periodical account Ledger changes
Periodical Collections Report
Schedule of Installments
Generate Student Clearance/Permit
Promissory Notes
Discounts Awarded Report
WebERP Integration
Student Affairs
Attendance and Offences Records
Scholarship Management
News/Blog Management
Student-Feedback Survey
Student-Teacher Evaluation
Enable/Disable Module for specific term
Evaluation Tool Selection
Enable/Disable Real-time viewing by Teachers
Evaluation Reports
Student Contact Numbers Report
Student Email Contacts Report
Guidance & Counselling Services
Career Guidance Evaluation
Grades Monitoring
Periodical List of Failures
Student Monitoring and Advising
Human Resource Management
User Management
Class Roster
Evaluation Report
Activity Log
Training and Travel Requisition
Library Services
Resources Management
Other Reports
Class Roster
Statistics Report
Enrolment Statistics
Non-Active Students
Foreign Students
Schedule Enrollees
Clinic Clients
Career Guidance Evaluation Enrolment List
Systems Administration
Database Maintenance
Configuration Settings
User Passwords
Bulk data uploads
User Management
Schedule-Enrollees Monitoring
Student Picture Management
Modules Management